Hi, I’m Susan M Parker author of Power of the Seed Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty

I teach people all over the world how to use oils and plant butters to create simple beautiful skincare products. Whether you like making your own simple combinations at home, or you are creating your own skincare line, I can help you really understand how to get the most out of the oils and butters. We have literally hundreds of oils available to us today, and they are all different. But, with the fatty acid profile of an oil in hand, you can easily and quickly determine things like shelf life, heat sensitivity, texture, skincare benefit and so much more.

Susan M Parker, Author of Power of the Seed Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty


How I got here…(the short version)

In 2014, I published my first book Power of the Seed Your Guide to Oils for Health & Beauty. For over two decades I had a natural handmade skincare business. And I mean, it was all handmade. I made soap in big vats in the garage, whipped up skin creams in my lab and generally got obsessed with learning, researching and creating high quality natural skincare products. I trained as an herbalist and incorporated my knowledge of herbs and other botanicals for skincare into my line. I loved all the raw materials, the hydrosols and essential oils, all the different colors and varieties of clay, the fragrant natural waxes and the beautiful natural compounds like silk powder, apricot meal and rice powder. But what I loved most of all was the oils and butters. When I got started in my business, finding reliable information on oils was challenging. And so I started researching, experimenting and learning. And in 2014, I complied all my notes, ideas and resources and convinced a skeptical publisher to publish my book. Power of the Seed has since gone into its second printing and has become the leading resource on carrier oils to so many people all over the world.

Meet Olivia Parker

My daughter and business partner has been part of the Lipid Hub from the beginning. It was with her encouragement that I wrote and released my first course back in 2016. Olivia worked in the online world for 15 years before we put our heads together and came up the Lipid Hub. Olivia works behind the scenes planning courses and events,  arranging interviews and organizing the day to day operations of the business so that I can focus on teaching. You’ll hear from Olivia with updates on courses, events and new opportunities. 


Our Courses, Programs and Resourses

Lipids Decoded

Lipids Decoded covers it all. This in-depth course will give you everything you need to effectively turn complex oils and plant butters into simple skincare that works. 

Carrier Oil Course

In the carrier oil course, you’ll learn how to use carrier oils effectively for aromatherapy, herbal infusions, salves and simple skincare recipes. 

The Hub Membership

As a hub insider you get access to ongoing workshops, discussions and more. It’s your space to create, work, troubleshoot and connect with Susan and other oil enthusiasts.

I absolutely love the info in the courses, Susan starts you out with a solid foundation of information about the chemical make up of the oils and why you use oils based on that information. She uses visual aids such as pie charts to assist in the breakdown of the chemical composition. I have found the information to be valuable and have often referred to the information when formulating.


Amy Lechner ~ Traditional Naturopath,  Clinical Cert. Aromatherapist